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Investment  strategies focused on investing growth capital in private and public companies 

Urban Select Capital is an investment issuer focused on investing growth capital in private and public companies in a broad range of sectors including media & entertainment, education, natural resources, healthcare and consumer retail services. Urban Select’s management team is composed of investment professionals combining an Asian background with Western education and extensive experience in investment banking, venture capital and fund management in Canada, China and the U.S.




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Most charitable organization executives are aware of how art can impact the social atmosphere of their facility but few knows how to unlock the true value of art. Urban Select has developed proven strategies to enable charitable organizations to obtain artwork.  These strategies allow donors to pay for the art program, and in addition, raise needed funding for the charitable organization. 


Management & Deal-making

Strategic guidance from our rich combination of business ownership knowledge and senior executives who deal with and manage organizations to further increase your competitive advantage. Access to our wide range of analysis tools, detailed business systems, job descriptions and productivity tools.


Stock options

We have multiple teams managing equity and stock through TSX. These individuals have a decade worth of experience in managing funds. Their extreme flexibility allows them to not be encumbered by any issue regarding investment timing , size range of investment nor sector focus.




The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires practical advice from business orientated mentors who are deeply entrenched in the particularities of venture financing. Our firm gives you an holistic approach, so your company can gain the best competitive advantage.



Digital Media, Internet and Social Media has impacted society today in unimaginable ways. To stay relevant, we carefully examine and work closely with SEO's, analytics and online marketing. This flexibility allows us to adapt to eminent issues if they may arise.




Multiple years of experience in fashion retail ranging from shoes to wedding dresses. Our wide range of expertise allows us to effectively market, push and pull products through our experience in omni-channel POS systems and product connections.



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